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  1. Meth

  2. I guess I’ll watch it then

  3. We take being pulled over seriously here in Canada

  4. because, fuck logic

  5. When she asks you for a duck pic instead of a dick pic…

  6. Security is taken very seriously in the UK

  7. If you want the rainbow

  8. What do you think of the police?

  9. Let me just plug in this ether- NOPE

  10. This dude said it all

  11. Who’s a good boy?

  12. Oreos that taste like….well Oreos.

  13. Come to the party, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

  14. Excuse me…

  15. This should be Samsung new add

  16. Actually THIS is the best senior portrait ever

  17. Fuck this kid in particular.

  18. It’s highly unlikely that I could love Nick Offerman more

  19. The question is not what he is doing there but what this piece of ham is doing on him.

  20. Who wants a ride in the beer boat?

  21. Phone ads are getting really mean…

  22. It’s Mark Hamill’s birthday today, and now I feel old.

  23. I dont know what this is from but it cracks me up every time I see it.

  24. Bend to those who are worthy

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