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  1. Saw this stuck up on the wall in the art corridor at college

  2. Life Tip

  3. Cat ownership summed up

  4. warning….

  5. Photobomb: ‘Expert Level Unlocked’

  6. Teacher wears same clothes in school pictures for 40 years. Starts out as Steven Segal, now James Doohan.

  7. How to keep track of a pet turtle.

  8. Uh..what do I do?

  9. Basically

  10. Come on Carl, pose with me.

  11. Any holes a goal!

  12. Great life advice

  13. Our local bar is required to serve food as part of their liquor license.

  14. That border…

  15. Dey took er jerbs!

  16. Well, it is a Budget Economy

  17. Predators stalking their prey.

  18. Fire Drills Can’t Get You Out Of Calculus This Time

  19. With the NFL regular season underway, let the bashing begin!

  20. *sigh* cats are great

  21. Stand Up!

  22. Asked GF for a grocery list.

  23. Ninja is happy about the new chair!

  24. So what you up to lion

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