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  1. Finest Logic in the World

  2. A few thousand years off… But close?

  3. We need to find these guys to fight Ebola

  4. so pure

  5. Thank you, New Jersey! You’ve been great!

  6. You had one job!!!

  7. 3rd world countries be like…

  8. Always wondered why Iggy Azalea looked so familiar..

  9. Borders

  10. Get a bigger couch they said…you’ll have more room to sit they said…

  11. Formaldehyde

  12. The truth hurts

  13. I’d have watched the shit out of this

  14. Awkward situation in 3, 2, 1…

  15. Pretty much what happened to me friday night

  16. Having moved from Canada to South Florida recently, I always find this funny

  17. Don’t call him Harry

  18. Pretty good summary of new jersey

  19. Our dad is embarrassing.

  20. Ducks do have heads…

  21. EA Tech Support.

  22. Went to a house party where 4 girls lived.

  23. Everytime as a child

  24. Our fire station is next door to the Police department. Pranks ensue.

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