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  1. Does anyone actually buy these, or do they just appear when a baby is born?

  2. Can’t argue his logic

  3. Smile!

  4. Making room for brunch

  5. Double standards

  6. Saving up…

  7. Damn it, Dobby!

  8. Briefcase with important lab results

  9. This is what regret looks like.

  10. This Fucking Guy!

  11. I feel for this poor bear…

  12. They say it’s a girl

  13. Boss doesn’t like me

  14. Oh, how times have changed.. [THE SIMPSONS, 1990]

  15. No hipsters

  16. Can’t wait to see this!

  17. I have 3 small kids, and was tired of searching for it.

  18. With the recent unveiling of the new iPhone, I find this extremely relevant.

  19. Ground Rules When Hiring a Nanny…

  20. He’s a cutie!

  21. Literature class

  22. This woman is a solid 6

  23. You can’t arrest me.

  24. Having to buy knockoff cereal brands.

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