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  1. Im haunted by the things I’ve done for a Klondike Bar

  2. Finally an honest candidate

  3. Oh…Ok…well I’ll just try again tomorrow then

  4. You Know You’re In Ireland When…

  5. The only reasonable action to take

  6. Billy started his day with 12 fucks…

  7. Yes, that is an acceptable answer.

  8. Migraine inducing logic.

  9. Cowabunga! It’s Internet time!

  10. Billy and Mandy was a great show.

  11. Knock, knock…

  12. Christian Mingle

  13. The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag.

  14. Best job ever

  15. We like it here…

  16. Don’t press that left button…

  17. The funniest Alien art I’ve seen so far

  18. Social directions

  19. Teen Hankgst

  20. Have you?

  21. Be careful when you say “A little off the top”.

  22. Public shaming at its finest

  23. Me Time

  24. Why people cheat

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