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  1. Was driving through Compton, and I think I found Hulk Hogan’s brother from another mother.

  2. Careers these days

  3. Why Hulu sucks.

  4. Banksy’s real name is…

  5. Girlfriend wanted to try a new burger place, I decided to check reviews in order to dissuade her. I’m convinced now – we’re going.

  6. Weird.

  7. This is me about 98 percent of the time

  8. Yeah… “Unforeseen”

  9. If Rammstein did code

  10. What a majestic creature…

  11. I don’t understand…

  12. Grocery shopping like a real man.

  13. Reasons I don’t have a social life

  14. This gets me everytime

  15. We’re all guilty of plagiarism

  16. White people problems.

  17. Overly Eager Prom Date

  18. Have you guys heard this joke?

  19. Theoretical physics

  20. This is why batman drinks Pepsi

  21. I think the new hat is a hit!

  22. Whipped.

  23. Snake milk

  24. I might have gone with a different name.

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