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  1. Are we alone in the Universe?

  2. What music do you listen to while running?

  3. Slammed on the brakes when I saw this

  4. 17 years later, The Simpsons could not be more relevant

  5. Not to be racist or anything.

  6. And baby you got yourself a roast.

  7. This explains so much.

  8. Trying to get Summer Assignments done.

  9. NSA spying 4chan

  10. TIL Stephen Fry use to be in a band

  11. Two kinds of people

  12. Coolest Wheelchair Ever

  13. RIP Dickbutt

  14. I’m afraid there is nothing more I can do

  15. Jason, you didn’t write that.

  16. Stephen Colbert attempts to determine Patrick Stewart’s secret

  17. “Topless”

  18. British Humor

  19. Ban on gay weddings

  20. With all the celebrity pics out now, I felt this one was worth “hacking”

  21. I started university this week. They gave us laundry bags and this…

  22. I found a place in the UK called Cockramsbutt…

  23. World War 2 trolling

  24. How to catch a fish

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