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  1. The Fappening

  2. We should start swapping more than faces…

  3. In Jennifer Lawrence News…

  4. There hasn’t been a nude scandal in a while.

  5. Billions of data.

  6. GF thought of this watching HLN

  7. Racism

  8. Wishes…

  9. If you do something, do it right. [side-post r/funny]

  10. Cheetahs Racing

  11. Mmhmm

  12. When you have your first existential crisis

  13. Apple’s new logo

  14. Academics

  15. The New Yorker’s take on the iCloud fiasco.

  16. Might be the evilest carpet I’ve seen

  17. Brotherly Love

  18. Miley’s thoughts on recent events…

  19. Shit, it looks like a certain someone finally got it together.

  20. she’s mortified

  21. John Oliver on marriage equality

  22. An escalator is never broken, it just temporarily becomes stairs

  23. Thought that was part of her hair, turns out it’s just a Dark Guy

  24. she doesn’t get on here

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