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  1. Sometimes you gotta just grab the bull by the ho….wait (x-post from r/wtf)

  2. Being Human is Hard

  3. r/science didn’t appreciate this, Cyanide and Happiness on science!

  4. They see me rollin…

  5. Oh Thailand…

  6. Traditional Japanese Dildo

  7. Many a r/gonewild post nowadays [OC]

  8. Who else would it be for?

  9. Legalize marry-who-you-wanna.

  10. We had a photo booth at our wedding. I think my brother in law doesn’t understand how photobooths work.

  11. Buy a Mac!

  12. My mother gave me zero context for this photo aside from “I think it was taken in Virginia Beach” X-post from /r/pics

  13. My favorite face swap

  14. Best thing in my news feed for a while

  15. My friend says he can find the booty in anything

  16. The game was crazy last night!

  17. Solid advice

  18. I had a rough day but then I saw this

  19. This about sums up the logic of religion.

  20. Somebody in my town started putting up these “feel good” signs. A battle between the idealists and realists has ensued.

  21. Prepared a teddy bear gift yesterday for my gf, and now it looks like this

  22. Russian Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Iconic Painting.

  23. Sounds about right!

  24. Take that Miley!!!

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