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  1. This is what I think when Russia is wanting to invade anyone

  2. what?

  3. Be like Calvin

  4. BRO. Bro. Don’t skip leg day.

  5. You’re too easily offended…

  6. Fiscal Responsibility

  7. plz lend me $10 for This

  8. Walked outside and saw the cat sleeping like this.

  9. It’s funny how much your wants can change in only a decade (fixed)

  10. At the rodeo

  11. Now I’m REALLY glad I quit smoking.

  12. Movies that can be described with same sentence.

  13. Mortal Kombat : First Night

  14. Concrete Canoes

  15. Working at a hotel with a very high turnover rate..

  16. Go home bus you’re drunk!

  17. Sooo you’re just a regular store, then….is that correct?

  18. Pokemon weaknesses: some are more practical than others.

  19. Comic conventions summed up in one picture.

  20. Now is the time to spank

  21. The guy in the upper left wearing the black t-shirt is the most Texan among them

  22. Every time I work at home

  23. Locked and Loaded

  24. Not sure if it was here, but this drawing made me laugh.

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