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  1. Living in Yolo county CA always makes me laugh.

  2. Maximum Insecurity Prison

  3. Meanwhile, in the midst of a celebrity scandal, Eva Green out-smarted every other celebrity out there, with just one little trick.

  4. Free WI-FI?? I’ll take it!

  5. A map of Canada’s diplomatic relations around the world.

  6. 2 types of food.

  7. The Internet’s reaction to hearing about Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes

  8. I feel pretty.

  9. A Hacker known as “4 Chan”

  10. Emma’s secret to staying out of the fappening

  11. Every pic

  12. The dog changed the most! 2000-2012

  13. Spotting colours and it’s problems.

  14. The girls of /r/gonewild today.

  15. Buddy of mine met Elijah Wood. He asked Elijah to pretend he was the biggest creep in the world.

  16. After today’s events.

  17. Looks good to me

  18. How to ruin a protest

  19. Beavis and Butthead

  20. Yis. I can haz. Open dis plx.

  21. I never said i had a smart cat

  22. The most viewed page on the internet today?

  23. I will turn this car around, dammit.

  24. Ronald Mcdonald has a valid point here.

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