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  1. Amazon doing what it must for the good of Valhalla

  2. Oh C’mon, Phrasing!

  3. How could a store sell this and not expect it to happen?

  4. The gang’s all here

  5. It’s stuff like this that makes me like this show.

  6. Pure evil.

  7. The Struggle is real

  8. Ironclad alibi

  9. Very blunt.

  10. Seems about right

  11. It wouldn’t exactly be cheating would it?

  12. No one ever listens to me

  13. Go big or go home

  14. Racists sitting anxious in the corner because there is someone coloured nearby…

  15. Hold on to something

  16. A wild bus

  17. It hurt a little.

  18. Welcome to Canada

  19. These guys drove by me yesterday, had to do a double take

  20. Tina Fey’s response to an Internet troll

  21. I drive a miata. Left the car parked with the top down. Come out to find the car moved 20 feet away.

  22. Why did the chicken cross the road?

  23. Phrasing!!

  24. “She gave you the wrong numer brother.”

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