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  1. Dear Google, thank you for respecting our front-wheel-privacy.

  2. So I turned into a toad last night…

  3. How I think some Americans currently view the rest of the world.

  4. Wow dog is angry with his father

  5. This guy wins at t-shirt reviews

  6. Taylor Swift at the VMAs

  7. Insightful Alcoholic

  8. Nice change from the NObama stickers

  9. I recently got 100Mbps Fiber Broadband..

  10. Me after catching only 20 mins of the VMAs.

  11. Home from summer vacation what’s that smell?

  12. I see you also have good taste in art.

  13. vegetables are in beautiful shape

  14. Googled “Who’s a good boy” – was not disappointed

  15. After an internship at…

  16. But if a child says then you know…

  17. bing, I want to know what kind of car you’re driving

  18. Definitely an accomplishment to me…

  19. The steps are

  20. I hope that says “teach”.

  21. He want that cake cake

  22. Anyone remember Orion from Men in Black?

  23. Brother went to the zoo and caught this baboon having an epiphany

  24. I sure do love eating (out) tacos!

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