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  1. Being from Texas I can confirm

  2. Cool Mustang…uh I mean…Rolls-Royce?

  3. I’ve a joke for you

  4. I work at Best Buy and a customer tried to use this coupon today

  5. Is this what it looks like when you graduate from University of Phoenix online?

  6. I definitely miss this show.

  7. “Boys'” toy logic

  8. Can’t tell if out of stock, or….

  9. Can’t argue this!

  10. Might be a little dark for some, but as someone who battles with depression I find this hilarious.

  11. Her shirt says #Heavenbound. Literally, one of the last shirts you want to see on your flight.

  12. I can’t decide which one I want more

  13. This menu even has pictures of their drinks. Just in case you forgot what diet Pepsi looks like.

  14. Knock Knock..

  15. I wonder…

  16. At a quick glance it looks like a totally different message.

  17. Roommates

  18. I know a good bargain when I see it.

  19. White people be like….

  20. I miss Leslie Nielsen

  21. When someone calls customer service…

  22. Dog life hack number 43

  23. Generous gift from friend (X-Post from r/Frugal_Jerk)

  24. I don’t need it… I DON’T NEED IT

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