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  1. Ice Bucket Challenge. Its Catching On.

  2. How they deal with swastikas in Granada, Spain

  3. Pot Holder

  4. Iced Bucket Challenge

  5. Psych

  6. I see what you did there…

  7. Sexy Boi

  8. Good Guy Tom Haverford

  9. when men use women’s shampoo

  10. Instructions were unclear

  11. Cookies will find a way.

  12. An excellent rectangle indeed!

  13. Sad zombie is sad.

  14. classical hall funny pic

  15. The best bar conversation ever

  16. Fairy tales these days…

  17. It’s for a good cause.

  18. Leslie Knope WOULD be in Gryffindor

  19. Someone left a note in the bathroom at work.

  20. they did it mantis-style

  21. I’m also your… baker? Mom? Dominatrix?

  22. Iron Gym works, folks.

  23. Fair weather fans

  24. Burned in every universe

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