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  1. Bop it…?

  2. Harsh… but very true

  3. Talking to Metal-Head friends

  4. master of accents

  5. Well thats kind of dark.

  6. I got called out, but I’m not voluntarily pouring ice water on myself

  7. Times have been ruff

  8. Posted on /r/Gonewild… got downvoted so hard

  9. Wi-fighting

  10. Meanwhile, in a Birmingham Alabama bar bathroom

  11. A strong argument could be made that this ad is for a homeless guy named Burton.

  12. Meet Billy. Billy sits like this and stares at me.

  13. How the devil feels about gay people.

  14. I actually dream of a day…

  15. Got an email from Honda bragging about how their prices for service are so much less than competition, even showing competitor prices. Only one problem…

  16. How to annoy Canadians

  17. A friend of mine has been posting these transformation pictures lately.

  18. He’s just surprised she took a break between bites

  19. Racism

  20. When men use women’s shampoo

  21. Good ol’ wahlberg

  22. And thus Ra was born

  23. Meth, not even once

  24. How I feel as an American in Denmark

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