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  1. Take that, humans!

  2. Why do I have a thing for glasses?

  3. Brothers

  4. Incredible picture of a soul leaving the body.

  5. Colbert gets it

  6. Asshole Titanic.

  7. Sister’s boyfriend just moved into a new apartment. This is his bathroom.

  8. The metric system vs. imperial

  9. Heard you talking shit

  10. Touché (Pornhub comments on stock photos)

  11. Friend Wore the Wrong Shirt to Picture Day

  12. The animal clinic is at it again

  13. Action Cat

  14. I don’t know what they are measuring but it must be pretty big.

  15. Dave and Sandy

  16. You don’t wanna know

  17. Divorce

  18. A man full of wisdom

  19. Trunk in the junk

  20. I started dating a girl with a dog. I have a cat. We decided it was time to introduce them. This is me just before being caught in violent crossfire.

  21. A+ Parenting

  22. Googled best gaming mouse…

  23. I can’t describe how terrifying it is to see this sign after you’ve spent 18 exhausting hours driving through America to get to the Canadian border. What a cruel trick.

  24. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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