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  1. If you can read this…

  2. How jobs on construction sites are really chosen.

  3. And that’s how an I spy book is made

  4. Whoever put the label on this package of meat knew exactly what they were doing.

  5. I see your beautiful sunset, and raise you snow capped mountains.

  6. So close

  7. Back in 2010

  8. For some reason this makes me happy

  9. This kid is a genius.

  10. Radical islamists

  11. Good for you ski-mask guy

  12. Simple yet effective toilet sign in a restaurant in Barcelona.

  13. Having a bad day? The sky believes in you

  14. Hope he said nice things

  15. I Birthed The Most Judgmental Baby

  16. Wel damn im in!!!!

  17. I work at an outback. Someone actually complained about this.

  18. Smooth…

  19. She might be a bit of a douche but this made me smile anyway

  20. The joy of a first kiss

  21. One of the rare times I laughed watching Movie 43

  22. They should have added moth balls too.

  23. Most internet users today(/r/TheFappening)

  24. That misstep

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