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  1. Elementary libraries gone wild.

  2. Farting when nobody else is at home.

  3. I saw this on television during the World Cup Game: Belgium vs Algeria

  4. If you say so…

  5. Two weeks and he still didn’t notice… or did he?

  6. Dad?

  7. How Iran must feel with the US going to them for help in Iraq.

  8. The 50’s were a much simpler time…

  9. Oh, look at the time!

  10. Animation Mistake

  11. Will you marry …..oh shhit. ..

  12. Money well spent

  13. I wish I could go back…

  14. This needs to be reposted.

  15. That is why Spain lost

  16. This picture was on a corporate presentation. It reminded me of my experiences on here.

  17. I’m sad this warning has to exist…

  18. You have a good point…beer equality

  19. True Love

  20. Honey, call the police

  21. I just graduated and here is my senior picture.

  22. Fetch mode engaged. Target acquired

  23. My local bar also hands these out

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