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  1. U just lost your life :#

  2. Beyonce

  3. New will smith airlines

  4. Selfie level: Over 9000

  5. Son reunites with father after 35 yrs

  6. For Equality

  7. New Teacher made this sign for her class. Swag on.

  8. If George R Martin went into real assassination instead of killing characters

  9. Bad name placement.

  10. Today I absolutely destroyed a catfish on a date site

  11. When I see someone undeserving of downvotes – I spring to the rescue.

  12. This 86 year old man challenged me to a pole dancing contest while at happy hour, he won.

  13. British Parents VS American Parents

  14. Mobile games be like

  15. Senior pictures was a success

  16. ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge Champion

  17. Like father, like son

  18. Box is not impressed with the meat selection

  19. What’s a motto?

  20. How to make friends

  21. Science Channels Explained

  22. M’lady

  23. The Eyebrow King

  24. the facts

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