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  1. Thawk You!

  2. I found this too funny while sitting at a stoplight.

  3. “To the the two people who are reading this…”

  4. Struck Kijiji Gold!

  5. A true story!

  6. How else would he sit on the couch and still be able to charge his phone?

  7. The worst son of a bitch I ever met.

  8. She didn’t even realize something was wrong till she was done, and tried to close the door..

  9. How to deal with annoying politics signs

  10. Paula the Cat

  11. Too accurate…

  12. saw this little girl at the airport…

  13. How delirious are you?

  14. This is what passes for a “kids zone” at the local Goodcents.

  15. One of these donuts is tuna flavored.

  16. Don’t tell me what to do.

  17. Being a 23 year old guy trying to build some Starwars Lego, and watch the game

  18. That classic quilting handbook

  19. Found this beauty in the wild

  20. Girls be like…

  21. Redbox critic

  22. Cold burrito problems? Cold burrito solution.

  23. God’s not dead

  24. Today I failed one of the simplest everyday task.

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