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  1. He kept looking at me like this. I’m concerned.

  2. That’s wacist

  3. Good time indeed

  4. The Closed Door

  5. Friend of mine is currently travelling across the country. She found these postcards and was not impressed.

  6. Fixed

  7. Brother Nature

  8. A Guide To Eating Fish In The Workplace

  9. Puberty does wonders

  10. What’s that America…?

  11. Poor Ted…

  12. Spot the historical error.

  13. New girlfriend

  14. The good old days

  15. It’s amazing what a pair of glasses and a little working out can do to you. In only one work day I went from skinny bald guy to Vin Diesel.

  16. Someone’s day is off to a great start.

  17. So then I said to the other Starfish, “Oh NO she di’int!”

  18. Not as clever as I thought…

  19. Seriously though, don’t.

  20. This is posted in a BBQ Restaurant in Texas. Note that it only mentions unliscened

  21. So This Happend Today…

  22. Not sure which one is more scary

  23. Today… I was brave.

  24. How I park

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