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  1. Fishing

  2. Seems about right..

  3. Pablo Escobark

  4. Saw this today, hits right at home

  5. Look at these cool Latin words they say “Honor, Strength, Duty..”

  6. Because Russians don’t have time for speed bumps

  7. The streets of Philly

  8. Truth about blind people.

  9. Well, That Backfired

  10. His face is priceless

  11. You’ll never know what you see on a morning bike rude.

  12. And he claims he doesn’t have a favorite

  13. College bookstores in a nutshell.

  14. Please send your interns off properly

  15. Mercury the kitty

  16. Confidence is sexy


  18. What a novel idea.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone give less fucks than this guy

  20. You should put some gluten-free organic ice on that burn

  21. Well, that’s a strange looking fish

  22. In regards to Ferguson.

  23. “What?”

  24. Deaf

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