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  1. first day of school !!!! :)2014

  2. Neil Patrick Harris on Katy Perry

  3. It’s tough being different!

  4. How I envision every older person trying to sound modern

  5. Wondering whether or not you should wear that condom or take birth control? Because this is real life.

  6. Respect her.

  7. found this while shopping at Walmart

  8. What I was looking up can wait

  9. Who ordered the emo printer?

  10. Every day, twice a day, this makes me laugh.

  11. Dave Chappelle called it back in 2003

  12. How to calm down Samuel L Jackson

  13. What to do when you get stabbed by a toddler.

  14. Verizon wanted to thank me for enrolling in paperless billing…4 times

  15. Got a little too excited about Shark Week last night

  16. Pretty much sums it up…

  17. Sleepy baby at the museum

  18. Girls with huge fun bags are the best

  19. At least he has a good sense of humor

  20. Probiotics vs. Antibiotics

  21. Saw this in a bike shops bathroom.

  22. Blame them.

  23. Share a Coke with Jack they said.

  24. Asking the important question

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