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  1. Bill Cosby (X-Post from /r/ImGoingToHellForThis)

  2. Dat A$$ Cup

  3. Hahaha…haha…ha…wait..

  4. I’m pretty sure that you all know these kids…

  5. I learned some of the best advice growing up from the Fairly OddParents

  6. A daughter sent a blank card to Rik Mayall in the hope that he would sign it and sent it back for her dad’s birthday. The response was rather unexpected.

  7. Horrible motorcycle crash

  8. Not exactly sure what’s going on here…

  9. My friend handed me this after we graduated

  10. Black Metal Babysitting

  11. You will never be this cool

  12. Now we wait…

  13. The internet for the next three weeks…

  14. Good guy customer

  15. TV Infomercials

  16. Well one of us is gonna have to change.

  17. Dark matter

  18. The real reason why Marcelo scored that own goal

  19. Awww… Wait… You what your dog?

  20. I’ll detour, thanks.


  22. *Are Gone

  23. Little Diddy with Jack and Diane

  24. Her mom always had a thing for Steve Jobs…

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