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  1. A poem.

  2. Reincarnation of Kurt Cobain

  3. In response to the recent Keanu Reeves post: The different 2000 years makes.

  4. The deadliest killer whale

  5. Classic yo’ Mamma

  6. One of the best graphs I’ve ever seen

  7. Monday mornings.

  8. Desperation?

  9. Good to know.

  10. I was asked what my hobbies were during an interview. This is what came out of my mouth.

  11. Riding my bike home from a long night of partying

  12. I think I found an Ant Fight Club.

  13. I made the local news yesterday and I am very happy about it. [OC]

  14. Come on Just do it

  15. My music teachers opinion on record company’s

  16. Meet fake Steve Jobs in fake Apple store.

  17. Went to senior week at myrtle beach…

  18. As a girl living with male roommates (x-post /r/ExpectationvsReality)

  19. The true value of Karma (x-post /r/expectationvsreality)

  20. Me when my wife wears a sexy swimsuit to the beach.

  21. Pizza hut has the right idea

  22. They just don’t load…

  23. The difference 21 years make

  24. First World Wizard Problems

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