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  1. You can’t just…

  2. As a plumber, he should be used to making House calls.

  3. Best family photo ever

  4. Anaconda Henry the VIII style

  5. Every day we deal with these fuckers.

  6. Having ‘The Chat’ with dad

  7. Emo Philips on the Golden Gate Bridge

  8. Girlfriend said she “couldn’t care less” about what I wear for our date tonight…

  9. Was sent to a college dorm to fix a faucet when I saw this on top of the sink.

  10. Dammit Keith!

  11. VIOLATORS will be towed and fined $50.

  12. We’ve all had one of those days…

  13. Just got married tonight, got to the hotel room, this is our action tonight! [SFW]

  14. This airline got a little passive aggressive

  15. I want to climb to the highest mountains of the internet

  16. Ah yes, the birds and the bees

  17. thanks.

  18. Chest hair is pride.

  19. iCloud


  21. Phil and I share this in common.

  22. To the guy who dropped the eggs. I had a similar situation with coke, 3 pallets high…

  23. Awesome idea

  24. People kept commenting on how much hair our baby son has, so naturally this was the next step

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