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  1. Such a polite dog!

  2. Don’t smoak it.

  3. The potential family variations

  4. Cat shaming

  5. Every-time I see a commercial for “Resurrection” this is all I can think of

  6. Anglo-Saxon Brotherhood

  7. Dog for Sale

  8. Our laundry basket is foretelling the arrival of Christmas

  9. Why are you covering your eyes, Kirk?

  10. A Pug in an Ugg on the Rug looking snug

  11. News in Australia..

  12. He’s doing great so far.

  13. Step aside “50 shades of grey”

  14. Sex is no accident. Always use a condom

  15. I hate it when this happens.

  16. Innocent looking dog

  17. Who knew

  18. As a man, i guess i’ve been living life all wrong

  19. We need to spend less on science if we want to save nation

  20. So…water?

  21. Dory using her bilingual skills to get found in 2015

  22. Shape distribution in a box of Lucky Charms

  23. Ghosts are Not Real..!

  24. Dude…what the fuck was in that apple?

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