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  1. We have all felt like this after a long weekend.

  2. I’m gonna need you to just go ahead and stop right here…

  3. Know the difference

  4. What the hell do you mean “6 year olds”…

  5. All Hail Aldrin

  6. The first time I’ve ever laughed at a school book.

  7. proud dude

  8. Starting with nothing? I would’ve loved

  9. Nickelodeon gotta chill

  10. Chuckie Cheese is a lot creepier than I remember

  11. Compliment the chef

  12. Knew I recognized him from something

  13. 21 Jump Street, Australia.

  14. Nick Offerman was asked “Will you build your own casket before you die”. His response is so perfect.

  15. After the condom emergency girl, this is becoming an epidemic.

  16. Love these signs, if only people would respect other drivers.

  17. If you say so…

  18. Why you shouldn’t party too hard around kids with art majors

  19. Han Burgundy

  20. Almost got excited there…..

  21. The robot is not subtle

  22. Mel Brooks – The Only Filmmaker Able To Pull Off Rape Jokes – Trigger Warning: Hilarious

  23. This was no accident

  24. Tips for the youngsters

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