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  1. #JustSimpsonthings

  2. Don’t like trucks?

  3. Social Justice League

  4. Bilbo’s a pretty funny dude

  5. Darth Fader

  6. Perfect Timing.

  7. The moment The Simpsons went from good to great

  8. Every frickin time

  9. Coming thith chrithmith

  10. Love these subtle hints!

  11. Who’s at the Door? Oh just that lady laying around all sexy again.

  12. This is North Korea’s secret weapon

  13. Expert engineering

  14. True dat, Detective

  15. For those who didn’t see the blood moon

  16. ISIS, classy as always.

  17. Breaking Flanders

  18. When freshmen hack the school website

  19. Parks and Rec’s prop department is perfect.

  20. Oh IE.

  21. Growing up catholic

  22. When guys text you “Hey Beautiful” <3

  23. Does this mean she’s accepted me?

  24. This is driving me mad.

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