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  1. In Amsterdam, did not expect this.

  2. A friend in need…

  3. So we had disney day at our school

  4. Cold is a relative thing in the USA

  5. Let’s just table that…

  6. Hey buddy…

  7. Vegan Bacon

  8. First day at new job.. Feel inadequate already

  9. What is a god without a beard?

  10. I can exclusively reveal the villains of Final Fantasy XV right here.

  11. You have no proof.

  12. Mantis Vs. Dog

  13. From a witty colleague

  14. made masks of sister’s fiance face for Bachelorette party, this is what she walked in to

  15. Have you ever…

  16. I just fulfilled a request in /r/picrequests

  17. As a British guy, this is the last time I will mock America’s obesity problem.

  18. Never give up your enthusiasm.

  19. Full House — 20 years later

  20. Can I have these question mark stickers?

  21. Someone in Architecture School Gets It

  22. Well played book store…

  23. The whole effing trip.

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