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  1. Teaching high school biology and found this with the “materials” I had for the year. Got to love public school.

  2. Easy to handle.

  3. Hell true =D

  4. REKT

  5. The truth shall set you free.

  6. Its behind you

  7. The media

  8. Taco Bell, an international refuge for the wasted. (Seoul, South Korea)

  9. A friend of mine is in labor. The doctor seems very confident of the situation.

  10. Okay fine! I’ll use imgur!

  11. This is the wrong way to consume alcohol

  12. She ain’t wrong

  13. Bad News, Kids

  14. Its the weekend!!

  15. Brace Yourselves…

  16. Mike at a One Direction concert, probably with his granddaughter

  17. Firearms PSA

  18. Friends mother came across this at Walmart.

  19. I don’t think Disney is getting the concept yet.

  20. Indeed.

  21. Australian Journalist Sneaks One In [x-post r/australia]

  22. Fox Mulder having all the answers

  23. Just saw this in the Tennessee game.

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