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  1. True Story

  2. Damn, I had no idea

  3. Understanding the corporate workplace.

  4. Leuitenant Dan…

  5. This couch isn’t gay, it’s just a…

  6. I think I would remember…

  7. Just Canadian problems.

  8. It runs in our family. No, nobody runs in our family.

  9. As a Canadian, I feel violated…

  10. True

  11. It comes with 2 subwoofers

  12. I feel bad for laughing at this so hard.

  13. Simpsons Cletus on Home Schooling

  14. Repost ? An incredible complaint found in Popular Science

  15. In 15 years she won’t find it so damn funny!

  16. Best Worst Design Ever

  17. Stephen Fucking Colbert

  18. This is why you don’t skip leg day.

  19. I Might Actually Listen to this.

  20. Dammit Jesus.

  21. “Happy graduation, nephew!… Oh wait, that’s the wrong briefcase.”

  22. In case of emergency…

  23. To confuse your friends when they wake from their hangovers

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