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  1. Handy dandy venn diagram for your TV watching experience

  2. Moosejaw truck driver seems like a pretty good gig!

  3. I can’t believe I even questioned whether or not an $8.00, cat-sized panda hat was a good investment or not

  4. Bad decisions were made in south florida too

  5. Met miley Cyrus today!

  6. I’ve got a cheer onion head, I’m a pizza, because pizza makes beautiful

  7. Started staining the deck and needed to keep the dog off the deck boards. Solution found.

  8. There are some who call me…

  9. A Long Strip Of Whose Line

  10. Elijah would

  11. Wu-tang is forever

  12. This is actually pretty dark

  13. Freddy Kroger.

  14. They lied…

  15. Justice

  16. Past Away

  17. Gets me every time

  18. Colbert looking for the truth.

  19. Did you know Bubbles had a cat?

  20. She asked for sour cream on the side…

  21. Luke, I am your father.

  22. The 91%

  23. The Simpsons got it right, trust me I live in canada.

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