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  1. Local supermarket has a sense of humour.

  2. This is the current state of the internet

  3. Holy shit, tell everyone while you can!

  4. When your buddy gives you wax for the first time

  5. As seen in Olympia, WA

  6. I found the perfect way to annoy the “free hugs” hippies

  7. Found this on Facebook.

  8. Man, Andrew McCarthy is gonna be so pissed..

  9. Something to think about before you get a Chinese character tattoo

  10. “King Size”

  11. Just the douchiest bottle of wine ever

  12. This is so true

  13. Calm down, Gumby!

  14. I like to DVR shitty daytime TV… The Dr. Phil show certainly has the most in depth interviews lately…

  15. Toothpaste volume is not constant

  16. Ouch

  17. Whether you were brave or very foolish, it was always worth it.

  18. Taunting me at the gym

  19. wat.

  20. Master of Manipulation

  21. What came first?

  22. I think Siri is lying to me.

  23. Life in pastry school 2

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