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  1. Told our kid to go put the pizza costume back where it belongs…. well he wasn’t wrong.

  2. When a cute gurl turns out to be a total bitch.

  3. “You might say I was born to play Foosball”

  4. I find this offensive

  5. They’re become self-aware…

  6. Me when I’m trying to be scary for Halloween. I know the struggle buddy.

  7. I just… can’t…

  8. Bored in class today…

  9. Level 20 cleric

  10. Aren’t I beautiful?

  11. Typical bunker behavior

  12. I don’t think they did this right…

  13. I shall call him… Mini Me

  14. Looks like the guy next to me already gave up on college.

  15. The mug was actually a happy accident

  16. Today’s cartoon in The New Yorker.

  17. I love Halloween

  18. This restaurant in Texas is asking the important questions.

  19. a whole raw potato

  20. This is why you have no mates, Dave

  21. Watching Pawn Stars

  22. We are going to an outside party for Halloween. She says “I bought this costume and I’m super excited cuz while all the girls look like hookers I’m gonna be warm as shit”…. And this is why I keep her

  23. This inbred Panda looks so baked

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