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  1. This creeper loves watching me shower

  2. World of pun

  3. Roommate is home tripping on mushrooms and he made a list.

  4. You guys, for fuck’s sake

  5. Someone in Toronto is putting drakes face on wheelchair signs.

  6. Helped a friend move a heavy typewriter last week. Got this in the mail today…

  7. Is that…is that a flavor…?

  8. Fire and Stuff

  9. Told the clients I’m about to meet for the first time I’ve got a red checked shirt on and a beard. This could get awkward…

  10. Do you get excited to see your girlfriend? :p

  11. “Are you kidding?”

  12. Zach Braff just posted this on twitter: ‘Turknip’

  13. Such a hypocrite.

  14. Milk Rules

  15. Never invite Superman to a sleepover

  16. Times are getting hard

  17. Zero stars

  18. That is an unfortunate placement of text Timehop

  19. David Bowie

  20. “Murica FUCK YEH!”

  21. So that’s how they did it…

  22. Japanese people try to spell numbers in English.

  23. I am Batman

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