We’re wired to the gif-factory on the internet to find the freshest, funniest gifs to hit the comedy leaderboard. These are today’s upvoted gifs, crowd-curated by the internet.

  1. You think this is a mother fucking game?!

  2. True quality GIF. So much to appreciate here.

  3. Rub me and I rub you back

  4. Electrifying work of art

  5. robert clowney jr

  6. gifs

  7. Zoom from 1mm to 500nm

  8. Gotcha

  9. Run for your life human!

  10. Laughing Baby

  11. as an adult with your own place

  12. Flyby

  13. If the moon was a disco ball orbiting 450 km from earth

  14. Speed Reading

  15. Earth

  16. LSD is one hell of a drug

  17. as a reposter

  18. Ukrainian rebel gives interview while bombs fly

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